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Seal - Claim Here

After a complete audit carried out by Reclame Aqui, Grupo Sim won the ‚ÄúReclame AQUI‚ÄĚ seal of verification. With the Verified RA seal, the consumer can be much more secure when purchasing the Sim Plan, as he will be sure to be buying from a reputable and reliable company. The seal also validates the existence and financial health of the company, in addition to attesting to the functionality of the service channels offered to customers.


Grupo Sim is present in the lives of thousands of people every day. We work with the boldness of those who think big, with innovation and looking to the future. Always committed to ethics, quality and sustainability. And, in order to be everything we are today and build an even more promising future, we rely on a strong culture, which is born from the inside out and based on responsibility and trust.



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