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Plano Sim is the only benefit plan in Brazil, a complete and exclusive plan. With the Sim Plan, you and your family will have many benefits entirely free of charge, as well as medical consultations, exams and dental services at a very low cost.


Beneficiaries:The Sim Plan is a family plan, benefiting its Holder, spouse and children residing at the same address.


Monthly fee:The Sim Plan monthly fee is only BRL 149.90


Payment methods:Payment of monthly fees can be made in 3 ways, check out:


1 -Credit Card: No consultation with SCPC


two -Electricity Bill (if this payment method is available in your city): Without consultation with the SCPC


3 -Bank slip: Under consultation with the SCPC, as the holder cannot have restrictions in his name


Get the Sim Plan right now: You can buy the Sim Plan right now via WhatsApp 19 99517-0784, through the website:, by email: or by phone: 19 3302-0071

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