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Oncology Consultations

Oncology is a branch of medical science that deals with tumors and cancer. Oncology focuses on how cancer develops in the body and what is the most appropriate treatment for each type of cancer.

Gynecology - BRL 40.00

Specialty responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of genital and breast tumors and cancers in females.

Mastology - BRL 40.00

Specialty that takes care of everything related to the breast. Diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Cardiology - BRL 40.00

It prevents, treats and diagnoses problems and cardiovascular diseases that can affect cancer patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Orthopedics - BRL 40.00

It treats tumors and cancers that can affect the bones, tendons, cartilage and muscles that make up the locomotor system.

Dermatology - BRL 40.00

It works with a focus on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.

Urology - BRL 40.00

It treats tumors and cancers that affect areas of the urinary system in men and women, as well as the male reproductive system.


Foto - exame de mama.jpg

Ilumina Hospital for Early Cancer Prevention and Diagnosis

Specialties Available:Cardiology - Dermatology - Gynecology ‚Äď Mastology ‚Äď Orthopedics - Urology. *Specialties subject to availability

Benefit:Low cost ‚Äď BRL 40.00 per consultation

Telephone:19 3429-8860 - WhatsApp: 19 98369-0944

Address:Rua Arduce Honório de Aguiar, s/n - Altos do Taquaral / Piracicaba

grace period:no shortage

Usage Limit:Unlimited

How to Use the Benefit:Upon presentation of the Grupo Sim Card with password and document with photo

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